DISH Network Commercial: Equipment Network Options

Headend System Network

In headend system networks, a digital satellite receiver and video modulator are required for each program channel.

DISH Network Commercial

This is where all the receivers are in one location and the signal is modulated on a specific channel throughout the complex or building that is needing to be fed.

DISH Network Commercial

DISH Network Commercial

In a typical Headend all of the TV equipment is mounted in a standard 19" wide equipment rack.

In the dish system shown above a power inserter is used to insure proper voltages to the dual LNBF, then a multiswitch is used to feed all the receivers in the rack. The audio/video ports on the receivers are used to feed the channel modulators and the outputs of the modulators are fed into a channel combiner.

In the off air system above, the signal from the antenna is split and fed into channel bandpass filters, then into the strip amplifiers. The output of the strip amplifiers are then fed into the channel combiner.

A signal level meter then used at the output of the channel combiner to adjust all of the modulator and strip amp. outputs to the same level.



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